Patron Fund

The San Diego Chapter of AGO is sponsoring a Pipe Organ Encounter (POE) in 2017, a week-long camp for young pianists and organists that teaches them about the King of Instruments. This will be the sixth time that our chapter has hosted a POE. During these camps, world-renowned organists have performed many memorable concerts. We have sown the seeds for organists to become part of the profession.

Pipe Organ Encounter tuition only covers a fraction of the cost for each student. The expense of holding the POE is about $30,000. We raise this amount from grants, gifts, AGO chapters in our region, and contributions from people like you. The rewards for presenting a POE are many.

  • Our membership unites to focus on a mission.
  • We have the opportunity to "pay forward". It is exciting to witness the young people study, perform, and "get the bug". 
  • Our chapter and the students hear dynamic organ performances by great artists. 
  • We introduce artists of the future to the pipe organ. 

Help the Pipe Organ Encounter committee by volunteering your time, your talents, and your gifts. You may donate by clicking the button below: