AGO/Spreckels Scholarship Auditions

The Gertrude Elizabeth McKellar Scholarship fund was established in 1960 with a bequest from the McKellar estate given for the purpose of funding student scholarships. At one point the chapter had, in addition to the McKellar Scholarship Fund, the Mader and Kennedy funds.  These were combined in 1981.  In 1979 an additional scholarship fund began with a bequest from the estate of Wanda Teresa Edmiston plus an oil royalty from Tenneco Oil, both donated to San Diego AGO for the purpose of funding student scholarships. As the number of applicants for the more traditional 1st place/2nd place competitions dwindled, the scholarship committee, with the approval of the board, combined the two funds, changed the awards criteria to the tuition grant program now in place, removed all age limits, and invited pianists to apply for tuition grants to study organ as well as continuing to provide tuition grants to organ students.  The average number of participants in the annual auditions since that time has been 15 – 25 students per year.  Most have participated multiple times and have grown considerably in their organ skills.  Some have gone on to study organ at college, some have become church musicians, some have become performers...some attend organ concerts regularly, some serve on organ committees... but all had the opportunity to meet, get to know, and fall in love with the King of Instruments!  For a number of years we have partnered with the Spreckels Organ Society, which provides additional first, second, and third place cash awards to the top performers in the auditions.

Auditions are held in April or May each year and are open to organ students of any age, as well as to piano students interested in auditioning for an introductory set of organ lessons.

Auditions for 2022 will be held on May 7th at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Progressive Repertoire Requirements, Rules, and Applications can be downloaded below.

Progressive Repertoire Requirements PDF

Rules PDF

Application SITE


If you have questions, contact Sarah Amos, Education Committee Chair, at


Pipe Organ Encounter Scholarships

San Diego AGO offers scholarship support to those wishing to study organ.  Scholarship auditions are open to both pianists and organists, and there are no age limitations. Scholarship awards may be used for organ study or to attend an organ camp such as a Pipe Organ Encounter.

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