St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

2728 Sixth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103-6397


Æolian-Skinner opus 1495 (1969)

rebuilt by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc opus 68 (2012)

When St Paul's Parish moved from the original structure (at 8th Ave and C Street) to the present location at 5th Ave & Nutmeg in 1950, M.P. Moller once again enlarged the instrument to approximately 45 ranks with a 3-manual console.

In 1969, a complete rebuild of the organ was completed by Æolian-Skinner, retaining the best pipework from the previous instruments. This instrument, now with a new 4-manual console, was one of the firm's last installations west of the Mississippi. The instrument underwent, some modifications in 1989-1990, and had a complete rebuild in 2012.  It currently contains 86 ranks and 4,933 pipes.



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