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Director of Music

House of Prayer Lutheran Church
795 N. Rose St.
Escondido, CA 92027

The following represents overall guidelines and responsibilities for the position of Director of Music Ministry. This information is not represented to be the entire scope of duties, and should be viewed as a guideline only.

The position shall be part-time— 20 hours per week, $28.00 - $32.00, Negotiable

Personal appearance and demeanor should be appropriate for this position. Personal and sensitive matters shall be held in confidence by all staff members. 

The purpose and scope of this church position: 

The role of the Director of Music Ministry is to coordinate the overall music leadership for House of Prayer, in collaboration with the Pastor, the organist, guest musicians, and volunteers. This will include a full range of duties related to the Music ministry at the church. 

Specifically, House of Prayer is seeking a Bilingual Director of Music Ministry, who will be able to incorporate English and Spanish Music into worship services, as needed. At this time, worship services are conducted in English, but we hope to incorporate more Spanish into our future ministries. 

The Pastor of the church will be the general day-to-day supervisor. 

While not a total list of duties, the following is a list of the major duties and responsibilities for the Director of Music Ministry and appear in no order of priority:

·      Responsible for coordinating and providing music leadership vocally at worship services.

·      Coordinate the direction of all musical groups. 

·      When appropriate, facilitate the formation of musical groups which utilize the Director of Music Ministry’s interests, the congregation’s needs, and the musical gifts present. 

·      Incorporate Bilingual and Spanish language music, when appropriate.

·      Coordinate and participate in rehearsals, when necessary, with other musicians to prepare music for presentation

·      Work with the Pastor and Organist to select worship hymns and special music for each worship service that is appropriate to the liturgy and Biblical Texts.

·      Communicate with the Office Administrator to ensure that music and liturgy information is correctly added to the bulletin. 

·      Coordinate recruitment opportunities for new members of music groups. 

·      Empower music group members and the congregation through encouragement, positive direction, and by offering new opportunities to perform or lead. 

·      Provide input for an annual music department budget

·      Maintain music inventory


·      Coordinate the musical leadership at worship services with a certain level of musical expertise and professionalism.

·      Maintain a positive and gracious environment through interactions with volunteers, congregants, and staff.

·      Coordinate with the Organist and the Pastor regularly. 

·      Be familiar with (or willing to learn about) the Lutheran (ELCA) Liturgy and Liturgical Calendar

·      Must be bilingual in English and Spanish

·      Have a certain level of familiarity to sacred music and the worship experience.

Interested applicants should reach out to Pastor Christina at: pastorchristinadelacruz@gmail.com